ENG 3U – The tone’s the thing

Good morning! Now that we’ve finished the first act of the play, it’s time to put on your thinking caps and get your creative juices flowing, then jump back in time to Shakespeare’s Illyria.


Your task is to assume the role of a writer for an up-and-coming home and garden magazine. You will be writing a descriptive magazine article about Duke Orsino’s castle for a publication called Castles and Casanovas: Homes of the Rich and Famous. This (ficticious) magazine provides readers with the latest in home decor and fashion for well-to-do castle owners. (And nosey people.)


You must show us the castle through your words and descriptive language, not through pictures. Obviously, you do not have a floor plan of Orsino’s home, so create one in your mind. Think of things like size and quantity of rooms, gardens, decor, color scheme, special additions (but remember the era you’re working within), or anything else that might peak your readers’ interest.
Think of this article as being similar to a home and garden magazine that you might see on magazine stands.  Like this: http://www.bhg.com/ Or, maybe more familiarly, it’s sort of like MTV’s Cribs, but much classier. (And no one tells you to get out when the tour’s over.) MTV Tony Hawk Cribs

The tone’s the thing…

The key to this writing task is to create and maintain an engaging tone. (If you don’t know what TONE is, we’ll go back to the Oral Texts unit materials.) The tone needs to be very informative, persuasive, and energetic. You will describe the castle and its grounds in a way that will entice people to read the article. Remember, you must maintain the appropriate tone throughout, so do not include silly features or additions in your article.