ENG 3U – Four scenes and a character study

Good morning!

First, we’ll recap the first two scenes of the play. Who has been introduced? What do we know about Duke Orsino? Viola? Olivia (despite the fact that we have only been told about her by Orsino and the captain)?

Next, we’ll look at I.iii (after completing a very quick review of the use of roman numerals, if you don’t know what I.iii means) by breaking into groups of three. Once in your groups, decide who will study each of the following characters:

– Sir Toby
– Sir Andrew
– Maria

Have you chosen? Good.

Now find and regroup with the members of the other groups who share your chosen character. Together, you have seven minutes to become experts on your character, based solely on an intense and focused look at I.iii.

As part of your group work, choose three lines for your character that you can interpret and share with your original group to provide examples of your character’s personality, intelligence, motivations, or any other insights you think an expert should be able to provide.


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