ENG 3U – Twelfth Night, or, What You Will

Well, we’ve made it! It’s that time of the year when we delve into the incredible world and mind of William Shakespeare.

Whether you’ve loved or loathed studying Shakespeare’s works in the past, all that is required of you right now is to enter into this part of the course with an open mind and a willingness to laugh. Pretty simple, right?

To start, please complete the following (anonymous) survey questions by responding to each question by writing true or false on a piece of paper:

  1. Men and women should marry persons of similar social and economic status as themselves.
  2. People should actively choose the person with whom they fall in love.
  3. It is better not to pursue a relationship than risk being turned down by someone.
  4. Most people choose partners to love based on convenience factors (distance, ease of communication, etc.)
  5. Men are most attracted to women who are assertive and bold.
  6. Women are most attracted to men who are assertive and bold.
  7. People are often attracted to others because they play hard to get.
  8. No one really knows the person they fall in love with, because everyone  keeps at least some secrets to themselves.

Next, please use the cue card provided to complete a bookmark. Not just any bookmark, a Dramatis Personae bookmark! In other words, a bookmark that will allow you to reference those oh-so difficult to remember names that Shakespeare gave his characters.

Twelfth Night
By William Shakespeare (c. 1601)
Fictional Setting: The Kingdom of Illyria, a coastal kingdom

Viola                                      – Disguised as a young man called Cesario;
Sebastian                               – Viola’s twin; separated from her in a shipwreck

Orsino                                    – Duke of Illyria

Olivia                                       – A rich countess
Malvolio                            – Steward in Olivia’s household
Maria                                 – Lady in waiting (personal servant) to Olivia
Sir Toby Belch                 – Olivia’s cousin
Sir Andrew Aguecheek  – Friend of Toby
Feste                                  – Olivia’s fool/jester; also serves the Duke
Fabian                               – Servant in Olivia’s household

Antonio                                       – Friend to Sebastian

Sea Captain                               – Friend to Viola

Valentine                                     – Duke’s Attendant
Curio                                            – Duke’s Attendant

Lords, Priest, Officers, Musicians and other Attendants


Next, let’s take a look at a video, filmed by Mr. Pedrech. It features David Morrissey, who you may know better as the Governor from The Walking Dead. And he’s talking to you.


Finally, and on the same piece of paper on which you wrote down your survey answers, copy down the following (allowing for space between each question):

What Makes Something Funny?

 Think of your favourite TV comedy….

 What makes it funny?

 What is it about that particular element(s) that makes it funny?

 Why do some people think certain tv shows are funny, while others do not?

 So, what makes something funny?

 Do you think you can actually care about someone you’re laughing at?


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