ENG 4U – Induction, Deduction, Thesis Statements & Essay Writing

We have three goals today:

  • to take a second look at induction and deduction (based on the questions found on the page you received yesterday)
  • to identify what makes a series of introductions really effective (or not, as the case may be)
  • to introduce the end of unit writing task (get your excitement out now!)

First, here are some bad thesis statements to get us started:


On to the next thing. Yesterday, we talked about induction and deduction, and how faulty reasoning can lead to all sorts of errors. Tonight, please read The Closing of The American Mind on page 325 of your textbook. Write a 1 page journal style response in which you agree or disagree with the writer’s reasoning.   If you see faulty induction or deduction in the article, please identify it.

Finally, your task for the end of unit is to write a generic essay on a topic of general interest. It should be between 700 and 850 words in length.

The essay should be well-organized, interesting, enlightening, and must be written in Standard English. Slang and other colloquialisms may be used for rhetorical effect, but use them sparingly. Your audience should be your teacher and your peers, or, in other words, a reasonably intelligent audience.

Your first task will be to choose your topic and begin your outline. Outlines should be 1-1.5 pages in length and should act as a point-form version of the essay. This will be due by Friday in order to prepare for the next stage.


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